Scavenger Sunday Episode 8 – 节 (jié)

A festive Scavenger Sunday episode with Nora and Allen. Our Written Chinese duo talk about the character 节 (jié) and introduce next weeks character with a ‘Happy New Year!’ A: Hey everyone, welcome back to Episode 8 of Scavenger Sunday! N: 欢迎收看我们的节目!We hope everybody had a great Christmas! A: Yeah, I’m sure you’re all full… Read More

草字头 Cao zi tou: The Grass Radical

Continuing on with our ‘radical’ series, I decided to give you some more information about 草字头 (cǎo zì tóu), the grass radical. 草字头 (cǎo zì tóu) means ‘grass on the head’ and is always found on the top of a character. I really like 艹 because unlike some radicals, most of the characters featuring this radical… Read More