Weighing Up Chinese Measure Words

There’s been one area of my Chinese studying that I’ve found pretty confusing, at times quite annoying, but inevitably (once the penny dropped) rather interesting. For me, Chinese measure words became an added challenge when learning an already intriguing language. But it has to be said, they are an essential part of learning Mandarin. As… Read More

Need A Nciku Alternative?

Written by Hollie at WrittenChinese.Com So you may have read recently that the popular English-Chinese dictionary, Nciku was taken offline. Regular users are now redirected to Line Dictionary; a ‘fresh start’ for Nciku. Sadly though, people moving to Line will find many of the functions that they loved about Nciku are now gone. Perhaps finding… Read More

Breakup with Pinyin and Start Dating Wubi

It will only take [est_time] to read this post! Written by Nora at WrittenChinese.Com At first glance the Wubi method looks completely intimidating. Take it from me, who has been staring at a printed copy of the Wubi keyboard guide for about an hour attempting to make sense of it. I have been using Pinyin… Read More

Chinese Character Stories

To better understand Chinese characters, we can trace them back to their source in 小篆 (Xiǎozhuàn) calligraphy. 小篆 (Xiǎozhuàn) means ‘small seal’ and is a form of Chinese writing that dates from the Qin Dynasty (221B.C.-206B.C.). 秦始皇 (qín shǐ huáng) was the founder of the Qin Dynasty. He unified the Seven Warring States and created the first Chinese empire…. Read More