Scavenger Sunday Episode 3 电 (diàn)

Check out Episode 3 of Scavenger Sunday featuring 电! This week Nora and Allen look at the character 电 (diàn). You can also check out the video on Youku! A: Hi everyone. I’m Allen from WrittenChinese.Com. Welcome back to Episode 3 of Scavenger Sunday! N: 欢迎大家收看我们的节目,我是 Nora。This week’s Scavenger Sunday we’re talking about the character 电… Read More

万圣节快乐!Happy Halloween: Witchy Words and Spooky Sentences in Chinese

Featured Image Source: 3D illustration by Quince Media Within the last few years, Halloween and many other western holidays, have arrived in China. Although sometimes the meaning behind the holiday gets a little lost, Chinese businesses, malls and theme parks embrace these days and have a little fun. Below are some Halloween themed vocabulary and… Read More

Written Chinese: Where do I start?

It will only take [est_time] to read this post! Posted by Hollie  from WrittenChinese.Com Recently, we’ve had lots of visitors at WrittenChinese.Com asking ‘Where do I start?’ ‘What should I do if I want to learn Chinese from the beginning?’ And these are great questions, because unless you can speak another Asian language such as Japanese… Read More