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Although you can use the red buttons to add tone marks, we highly recommend you use the number method (e.g. hao3) for speed and placement of the accent above the correct vowel. [Hint: Type "v" for "ü"]
Note: You do not need to use this tool to enter pinyin in this dictionary.

How to Get a Chinese Name

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Why Get a Chinese Name?

Getting a Chinese name is not just fun for tattoos, paintings, and calligraphy practice, it’s also a way to become closer to a culture that has maintained its roots for over 5,000 years.


The characters used in today’s Chinese have evolved directly from text found on oracle bones dating back to as early as 1200BC. Getting a Chinese name connects you to that ancient world as well as draws you closer to people in China today.


Use Your Chinese Name on your Business Cards

Those doing business with China can benefit from printing their Chinese names on their business cards. It’s an easier way for Chinese business partners to remember you and it helps them to avoid losing face when struggling to pronounce more complicated Western names.

Contrary to what some Chinese name generators will imply, there is absolutely no way to “translate” Western names accurately into Chinese. If you’re lucky enough to have a name that has similar-sounding syllables in Chinese, then you can pick Chinese characters which sound similar. Those characters, however, can vary greatly and their meaning will not be related to your name.

How the Chinese Name Generator Works

Our Chinese name generator uses a system that chooses excellent Chinese characters and analyzes the sound of your name. This gives you a name that has a similar sound and a good overall meaning in Chinese instead of random characters which don’t make sense to Chinese speakers.


It’s quick and easy to get your Chinese name. Fill out your full name and enter your email address. We will create your Chinese name and send you an email that contains the Chinese characters, how to pronounce them, their meaning and information about your Chinese zodiac sign based on your birthday.

If you’re using a mobile device please follow this link to get your Chinese name!

Here are some amazing Chinese-style products that we love. We’ve checked to make sure any Chinese characters that appear in the following products are accurate. The products below use affiliate links, which means they help support our website at no extra cost to you.

Thanks for your help!!! – The Written Chinese Elves

  • Ricardo Castellanos says:

    How the “Date of Birth” should be written?

  • Cintasya Nisalifia says:

    Why i can’t get my chinese name? It isn’t loading my name

  • Ben P Sheargold says:

    Doesn’t have a submit button, why?

    • Hollie Sowden says:

      Hi Ben, the submit button is the red button that says ‘Get Your Name!’ Hope you can get your Chinese name!

      • Ben P Sheargold says:

        Don’t have that button showing

        • Nora Joy Wilson says:

          Thanks for catching this! As you are on mobile, it looks like some of the screen is getting cut off. If you use a computer or tablet it’s fine. In the meantime, we will be fixing this. Thanks for helping us make the site better! 🙂

          • kakauko66 says:

            Again it doesn’t have sumbit button, I am on computer

          • Hollie Sowden says:

            Can you send a screenshot of the page, please?

          • kakauko66 says:

            Probably my web browser was too overwhelmed coz I had a few dozens of cards opened. So when I crashed it all on purpose and load all sites again, then sumbit red button also appeared.

  • 方灵 宝 says:

    I kind of choose my own chinese name 方灵 宝 Is it right ? My real name is Lubna Fdil

  • Xavier Huesca Méndez says:

    很好!! 我叫。。。

    • Chamcen Liu says:

      Hi Xavier, you can find your name in an email which will be sent after you fill the form and click [get your name].

  • Lewis Weir says:

    There is no submit button on my ipad

  • Hornakkan / 王伟 says:

    The generator gave me 砬霸笛, but I rather prefer the one I’ve been given by a chinese friend of mine :-/

  • Monika Sauerová says:

    For birth date 2010-01-17 it gave me the year of the tiger, but it should be ox.

    • Nora Joy Wilson says:

      Hi Monika! You’re right, for this date it should be the ox. This is because the Chinese zodiac follows the lunar calendar, so it isn’t as straight-forward as we had hoped when we created this tool. With the help of our developer friends, we are looking into a solution to make the zodiac even more accurate. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Wai says:

      Your name can be 孙望妮 (In traditional Chinese, 孫望妮)

  • Arturo Martínez says:

    I didn’t like my chinese name 🙁 It’s 马马骊 but sounds like “Mamá” in spanish means mother, and “mama” can mean breast or sucking :/

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  • Dee says:

    Can I have my Chinese name made from the meaning of my current name, rather than just sounding like my current name.

  • Theodorick Tjahjono says:

    Can I Get another name? 希赫鸥 this doesn’t suit me. I was born in 12 December 1994. my family name is thio or Zhang (张)or Cheung (張). I want my name Start with 張 Please. Thanks

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