Use this tool to add tone marks to pinyin or to convert tone number (e.g. hao3) to tone marks.

Although you can use the red buttons to add tone marks, we highly recommend you use the number method (e.g. hao3) for speed and placement of the accent above the correct vowel. [Hint: Type "v" for "ü"]
Note: You do not need to use this tool to enter pinyin in this dictionary.



Chinese Beginner’s Mega Bundle

$80.00 $34.99

New to Chinese and not sure where to start? Our Beginner’s bundle is perfect to get started with your Chinese learning journey!

Our Chinese mega bundle has everything you need to get started learning Mandarin Chinese. Not only will you have access to 16 of our most popular flashcard sets and 6 reading books, but also a handy PDF beginner’s guide to Chinese, essential vocabulary lists for test taking and an 85-page ebook that details method, tried and tested tips and advice on how to learn Chinese! You’ll also get 2 cool digital posters that you can use on your desktop computer, or print and hang on your wall.

Sold individually, these items come to over $80, so you’re saving $45!

The amazing thing is if you get a new phone, or switch between iOS and Android, your flashcard sets and books aren’t going anywhere! You can easily sync your devices, and even log in online to study the same flashcards or books. Once you’ve paid, they’re unlocked for life!

Our Chinese Mega Bundle contains the following:

16x in-app flashcard sets containing 1000s of words for you to learn, including beginner’s vocabulary, and common Chinese characters.

6x story books

1 x digital Chinese character poster

1 x digital Chinese Bigram poster

HSK level 1-3 vocabulary lists

Our 30 Day Chinese Learning Guide


An 85-page eBook to help you learn some basic methods or speaking, reading and writing Chinese.

Contact us at to pay with WeChat Wallet

Please note that this is a digital product. Flashcard sets and storybooks can be studied in the Written Chinese Dictionary app and our online Study Space. Posters, vocabulary lists, learning guide and ebook will be sent as two separate PDFs to your inbox.



Once you’ve purchased your Chinese Mega Bundle, you’ll receive an email containing your posters and PDF. Instead of having numerous eBooks, we’ve combined all our PDFs together to make a MEGA PDF that can easily be read on your computer, tablet or eBook reader. We’ll send you your code that will open all your flashcard sets and book within the Written Chinese Dictionary. Before your email with your code arrives, you can take this time to download the dictionary app from the iOS or Android store and create an account. Creating an account will make sure your flashcards don’t get lost and also means you can track your study goals across multiple phones, tablets and even online.

We know it’s a pain, but please give us 24 hours to send you your code, especially if it’s a weekend!

You can learn more about every flashcard set and book offered in our bundle by going to STUDY in the dictionary app, and tapping GET MORE FLASHCARDS. Click on the flashcard sets to get a more detailed description of what you get with each one.


Essential Chinese Words

Over 150 words that will help you learn basic Chinese words and phrases, words for travelling and phrases to help you order food and drinks.

Most Common Chinese Characters (Set 1)

This contains 521 of the most commonly seen characters in the Chinese language. You can complement your studies with the Character poster also contained in this bundle!

Common Bigrams (Set 1)

Bigrams are two-character combinations that create a Chinese ‘word’. There are 318 of the top Chinese bigrams to learn. You’ll get the Bigrams poster with this bundle to help even more with your studies!

Beginner’s Vocabulary

A personal favourite of mine, this set contains 20 different categories of words including clothing, colors, body parts and family members.

Buildings & Related Objects

This set contains over 300 words that will help you learn buildings, rooms, furniture and appliances in Chinese.

Food & Drink

The ESSENTIAL flashcard list that every learner of Chinese needs. Food and Drink contains categories on vegetables, fruit, meat and fish, baking, drinks, snacks and condiments, and spices.

Travel & Transportation

Study words to help you on your travels such as buying tickets or taking a bus to specific vehicles and how to give directional instructions.

Household Goods and Tasks

Learn how to describe chores (great if your kids are learning Chinese and you want them to do chores!), names of household items, tools, DIY and cooking.

Personal Objects and Self Care

There are over 400 words in this set for clothing, accessories, makeup and beauty products as well as other personal items.

Technology, Computers Etc

Great for the gadget-obsessed, this set features words for new technology, computer hardware and software and gadgets.

Useful Chengyu

Chengyu are short Chinese idioms that are fun and interesting to learn. They give some insight into traditional Chinese culture and history too!

Dating Words

Dating in China? Learn these words to impress your other half.

Health & Fitness

Learn how to talk about exercise, sports and superfoods!


Chinese Culture

All things China, from tea to Peking opera.

Hobbies & Entertainment

Learn specialised words about your pastimes. Includes hobby names, movies, music and collecting.

The Natural World

Chinese words for the bees, trees and butterflies.


If You Were a Turtle

A short story for Chinese newbies about a turtle.

The Kitten Who Found Her Way Home

An intermediate level book based on a Chinese metaphor.

The Old Man’s Hat

A story about a grandpa caring for birds.

A Turtle named Pang Pang

An advanced story about a fat turtle.

Bobby Loves Lion

A short tale about a boy whose father invites a lion to dinner.

First Links: Beginner Words

A reading book that will help you learn the first 45 Chinese characters.


Digital Chinese Character poster

513 of the most commonly seen characters in Mandarin Chinese.

Digital Chinese Bigram poster

HSK level 1-3 vocabulary lists

HSK is a series of exams from 1 – 6 that non-native speakers of Chinese can take to test their reading, listening and written Chinese. You can learn more about the HSK exam here.

Our 30 Day Chinese Learning Guide

A guide that introduces some methods and tips for beginning to learning Chinese in 30 days.


An 86 page eBook to help you learn some basic methods or speaking, reading and writing Chinese.