3 Steps To Start Learning Chinese


Here are 3 steps that will get you started on your Chinese learning adventure!

Step 1: Download the free Written Chinese Dictionary app

Having a reliable dictionary is essential when learning a new language, especially when you’re studying on your own. Whilst actual physical dictionaries are great at home or at school, an online dictionary or mobile app is more convenient for when you’re on the go.


The Written Chinese Dictionary app is not only a great dictionary, but it’s packed with free tools for studying and learning to write Chinese.

To find out more, check out the 30 ways the Written Chinese Dictionary can help you learn Chinese.

Step 2: Complete the 30-Day Study Guide PDF

Studies show that it is much more effective to spend 15-20 minutes per day studying a language than 1-2 hours every few days. Integrating a quick and painless daily study habit will greatly enhance your absorption of Chinese. Here’s a guide we’ve made designed to get you in the groove of studying. Once you finish it, you’ll have a good idea for how you can create a tailor-made study plan that suits your exact needs and goals.

Step 3: Take Your Learning to the Next Level

Once you’ve tried out our free 30 Days Chinese Learning Guide, take a look at our Chinese Learning Bundle, containing flashcard sets, storybooks, digital posters and much more! This kit has everything necessary to propel your studies to the next level, plus you’ll make a massive saving, and put it towards a Chinese teacher!

Check out our Complete Getting Started Guide

Now that you’ve gotten a little taste of Chinese learning, it’s time to expand your knowledge and check out our comprehensive getting started guide. It will help answer some of your initial questions and give you tons of resources for all parts of your learning journey.

Read the Complete Getting Started Guide to continue your journey.