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7 Chinese Vloggers to Watch That ‘Go Well With Rice’

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Researched and written by Chamcen L

哔哩哔哩 (lī) Bilibili is a popular 弹幕 (dàn mù) ‘barrage’ video streaming site in China, that is also known as B (zhàn) ‘B site’ for short. 弹幕 (dàn mù) refers to the constant stream or ‘barrage’ of comments that flow across the screen during the video. Bilibili was originally associated primarily with Japanese Animation, Comic and Game culture (ACG), but has now become a hub for user-generated content and vloggers.

In China, vlogs have become known as 下饭视频 (xià fàn shì pín) that might best be translated as ‘to go well with rice video’. Essentially, 下饭 is used in Chinese to refer to a dish that helps rice ‘go down’ due to the often bland nature of white boiled rice. In this modern age, where young people live alone in the city, they often watch vlogs whilst eating a meal to keep them company during their dinner. More so, due to the nature of a vlog, where a person is talking to the audience, it’s like having dinner with a friend!

Although I watch Chinese vloggers for enjoyment, you can also use vlogs to learn about Chinese culture and also to learn Chinese from native speakers. Many of the vlogs also have Chinese subtitles, so you can easily pause and check a character you don’t know. Additionally, each vlog is only around 5-10 minutes, making them easier to digest.

Use the handwriting keyboard on your mobile device in the Written Chinese Dictionary to write the character and learn the word.

I’ve created a list of 7 Chinese vloggers who have created videos about their life in China and their day to day life. You can view these videos on both Bilibili and Youtube for each Chinese vlogger.

1. 大鼓楼里的Beijing (dà gǔ lóu lǐ de Beijing)

A vlogger from Beijing; his vlog looks at life in Beijing and Chinese culture.

One of his popular videos is 【大张伟】和【三个院子】(zhāng wěi sān gè yuàn zi) Da Zhang Wei and Three Yards, a tv show about Da Zhang Wei, the famous musician and his mom.

Watch 大鼓楼里的Beijing on YouTube and Bilibili



2. 井越 (jǐng yuè) Yue Jing (jyhachi)

This comedian vlogger documents his day-to-day life, especially travelling with his model girlfriend, 八哥哥 (bā ge). They’re both very funny and brilliant.

One of his popular videos is 别再问我什么是2017 (bié zài wèn shén me shì 2017) Don’t Ask Me What 2017 Is.

Watch 井越 on YouTube and Bilibili:



3. cbvivi

A vlogger in Shanghai whose vlog is about daily life, travelling, cooking, and games. You’ll often see a lot of black humour in his videos.

One of his popular videos is【平凡料理】鸡胸肉这样做最好吃 ((píng fán liào lǐ) jī xiōng ròu zhè yàng zuò zuì hǎo chī) [Normal dishes] The best method for cooking chicken breasts

Watch cbvivi on YouTube and Bilibili:



4. 野生大厨 (yě shēng dà chú) Wild Chef

From his name, I’m sure you’ll already know what kind of vlog this is. Yup, cooking! This Chinese vlogger has a relaxed and funny attitude in his cooking videos and many of them have an English translation in the subtitles. 

One of his popular videos is 对不起,老板!我又在办公室里炸了几根鸡腿,从此不去金拱门。 (duì bu qǐ, lǎo bǎn wǒ yòu zài bàn gōng shì zhá le gēn jī tuǐ, cóng bù qù jīn gǒng mén)  Sorry boss! I fried chicken legs in the office again, and I will never go to McDonald’s)

Watch 野生大厨 on YouTube and Bilibili:



5. Vickysoupsss

This vlogger talks about her daily life and routines as well as providing her audience with beauty and fashion advice.

One of her popular videos is Apartment Tour 2017 | 跟我来我家 (gēn lái jiā)

Watch Vickysoupsss on YouTube and Bilibili:



6. 李大锤同学 (lǐ dà chuí tóng xué)

This vlogger promotes different digital products. His comments on the products are not just incisive and perceptive, but also very funny.

One of his popular videos is OPPO Find X 真机上手 (zhēn shàng shǒu) OPPO Find X – device tested in hand

Watch 李大锤同学 on YouTube and Bilibili:



7. 农村四哥 (nóng cūn sì gē) ‘Village Forth Son’

This vlogger records his family’s daily life, especially cooking speciality Chinese food in a rural area that is very ‘original ecology’ and different from the life in the city.

One of his popular videos is 王四媳妇做的广西粽子,90岁奶奶都说好吃 (wáng fù zuò de guǎng zòng zi, 90 suì nǎi nai dōu shuō hǎo chī) Guangxi Province style rice dumplings wrapped in leaves made by Wang Si’s wife given praise by 90-year-old grandma.

Watch 农村四哥 on YouTube and Bilibili:



If you vlog about the Chinese language or about Chinese culture, feel free to share your videos with us below!