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30 Ways the Written Chinese Dictionary App Will Help you Learn Chinese

We crafted our Chinese dictionary specifically for you, the Chinese learner. Our purpose is to deliver you accurate dictionary search results so that you don’t waste time in your Chinese learning journey, and to give you free Mandarin learning tools so that you know how to learn Chinese quickly and efficiently.

Other apps

Chinese Characters Flash Cards

Ready to read Chinese? Inside the FULL version are all the Chinese characters you’ll ever need! (Unless you’re planning to study nuclear physics at Peking University). This FREE version lets you test out 50 of our 3200 most commonly seen written Chinese characters before you purchase the full version.

Chinese Bigrams Flash Cards

Ready to understand written Chinese even faster? Inside the FULL version are all the bigrams you would ever need to know in Chinese! (Unless you’re planning to study molecular biology at Peking University). This FREE version lets you test out 50 of our 20,587 most commonly written Chinese 2-character combinations before you buy the full version.

Chinese Match Game

Learn Chinese as you challenge your friends or challenge your own personal record in this fun and exciting matching game! Learning to play is simple enough for kids but can help your Chinese even at an advanced level. Make sure to download on your tablet for Battle mode!

Chinese Vehicle Tap

Vehicle Tap is a fun and user friendly app for kids that has an abundance of pictures, sounds and categories of transportation including: urban, industry and military. The app uses images and words to teach transportation vocabulary. Sound effects and the pronunciation of each word are also included. With this intuitive method of teaching, parents will be impressed how quickly their children can learn new vocabulary.

WCC Animal Match

WCC Animal Match is a fun, versatile application that can be used as a game and as an educational tool! Develop your child’s listening, memorization, and cognitive skills as they learn animal names and sounds in English and Chinese. Multiple features, such as the learning mode or cheat mode, will keep your little ones entertained again and again. Get the full version to enjoy an additional 15 animals as well as double the levels!


WCC Zoo is a learning app for kids ages 2 and up that encourages learning animal names in English and Chinese. It features over 25 cute animals complete with their sounds as well as both their English and Chinese pronunciation.