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Chinese Words for Gossiping with Friends

You’ve learned the basics, you’ve made some Chinese friends, now it’s time to get together and have a good 八卦 ( guà)! Learn some of the following words and phrases so you can gossip, make jokes and flatter your new found pals.

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废话 (fèi huà) (you’re talking) Rubbish!

胡说!(hú shuō)  Nonsense!

吹牛 (chuī niú) To brag/boast

拍马屁  (pāi mǎ pì) To flatter

普通话 (pǔ tōng huà) ‘common’ language

奇怪 (qí guài) Weird

我讨厌 (wǒ tǎo yàn)  I can’t stand…

无聊 (wú liáo) Boring/Bored

受骗 (shòu piàn) To be cheated

吃亏 (chī kuī) To be at a disadvantage/suffer a loss

别上当 (bié shàng dàng) Don’t be duped! (be cheated by others)

真好笑 (zhēn hǎo xiào) That’s funny!

好玩吗?(hǎo wán ma?) Did you have fun?

好笑吗?(hǎo xiào ma?) Is it funny?

笑什么?(xiào shén me)  What are you laughing at?

真有意思!(zhēn yǒu yì si) That’s interesting!

没意思 (méi yì si) Boring/ not interesting

继续 (jì xù) Go on (continue)

然后呢?(rán hòu ne?) And then?

离奇 (lí qí) Bizarre

真可怕! (zhēn kě pà) Awful!

不好意思 (bù hǎo yì si) To feel embarrassed / to be sorry

糟了 (zāo le) Oh no!

我受不了。。!(wǒ shòu bù liǎo…le) I can’t stand…!

神秘兮兮 (shén mì xī xī) Behaving mysteriously

笑嘻嘻 (xiào xī xī)  Person with a jovial face (?)

苦瓜脸 (kǔ guā liǎn) A sour expression

苦笑 (kǔ xiào) A wry smile

老大 (lǎo dà) leader

老板 (lǎo bǎn) Boss

真可怜 (zhēn kě lián) How pitiful (person)

真可惜 (zhēn kě xī) What a waste (objects)

新手 (xīn shǒu) Inexperienced person

老手 (lǎo shǒu) Experienced person

爱出风头 (ài chū fēng tou) loves to showoff

好好先生 (hǎo hǎo xiān sheng) Goody two shoes (too good)

有两下子 (yǒu liǎng xiàzi) Person with many talents

吓人 (xià rén) Awful!

奇装异服 (qí zhuāng yìfú) Unusual dress sense

外国人 (wài guó rén) Foreigner

还好。。。(hái hǎo) Fortunately…

这样 (bié zhè yàng) Don’t be like that!

厉害 (lì hai) Brilliant!

省省吧 (shěng shěng ba) Don’t waste your energy

。。。才怪!(cái guài) ..only joking! (got you!) Note: For Big Bang Theory Fans, Chamcen referred to this as Bazinga!

黄毛丫头!(huáng máo yā tou) Silly little girl

很痛! (hěn tòng) That hurts!

我不确定 (wǒ bú què dìng) I’m not sure

他/她/它走了!(tā/tā/tā zǒu le) He/She/It’s gone!

好多人!(hǎo duō rén) There’s so many people!

躲起来 (duǒ qǐ le) Hide

热闹 (rè nao) Lively, exciting, good time!

太早了 (tài zǎo le) Too early!

太晚了 (tài wǎn le) Too late!

迟到了 (chí dào le) I’m late.

那儿没人  (nàr méi rén) There’s no one there.

太多了!(tài duō le) Too much!

太少了!(tài shǎo le) Too little!

他/她/它回来了 (tā/tā/tā huí lai le) He/She/It came back.

好尴尬 (hǎo gān gà) Mortally embarrassed.

老土 (lǎo tǔ)  Old fashioned

落伍了 (luò wǔ le) Out of style

夸张 (kuā zhāng) Exaggeration

太夸张了  (tài kuā zhāng le) Too exaggerated

差远了 (chà yuǎn le) The difference is too large

开玩笑!(kāi wán xiào) You’re kidding!

工作狂 (gōng zuò kuáng) Workaholic

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    Lots of words to have a “play” with. Some of them are familiar, but some of them are new to me.
    A few good “corkers” in there as well…..a wrong word at the right time can produce lots of laughter!

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      That’s true, Carl! I would likely be the one to use a word inappropriately! I particularly like 好好先生 😀

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