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How to Listen to Chinese Podcasts and Radio on Your Mobile

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Chinese Podcasts and Radio

Chinese podcasts and radio are a great way to learn Chinese! We all know how difficult it is trying to learn a language when you’re juggling a full time job and looking after a family or going to school and still having fun with your friends. So what better way to study than when you’re on the go.
We’ve already got several articles about how to learn Chinese in those 5 or 10 minutes breaks you get whilst commuting, waiting for a bus or taking a minute from your computer screen.

Written Chinese sponsors a 播客 (bō kè) or podcast in a popular Chinese platform, 荔枝FM ( 荔枝 (lì zhī) is the Chinese name of the litchi fruit, which can be seen in their logo. Not only can the Lizhi app help improve your Chinese, but if you’re in China and have problems listening to the Two White Chicks in China podcast, you can download it there!


Lizhi holds a huge wealth of interesting content for you to listen to:

Users can share music 音乐 (yīn yuè), movies 电影 (diàn yǐng), stories 读物 (dú wù), or upload talk shows 脱口秀 (tuō kǒu xiù) and broadcasting plays 广播剧 (guǎng bō jù). 荔枝fm has become like a personal radio station 个人电台 (gè rén diàn tái) for many Chinese people, and it can become the same for you. In Chinese we call this kind of app ‘轻电台‘ (qīng diàn tái) which translates as light radio.

荔枝FM has apps for iOS, Android and Windows phone. After installing the app, you can listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere you like.

Now, if you’re ready, let me show you how use 荔枝FM by trying to find the Two White Chicks Podcast! (Example is taken via iOS platform) Once you’ve found this podcast, you’ll be able to use the instructions to find other content to enjoy!

Download 荔枝FM

First search “li zhi fm” or “荔枝fm” in the app store. It should be the first search result.

Find the Two White Chicks

Open the 荔枝 FM app, and click on 发现 (fā xiàn), you can then type ‘Two White Chicks in China‘ or ‘FM854237‘ into the search bar and find us!


订阅 (dìng yuè) or Subscribe to Follow us

To subscribe to our weekly podcast, you need to 登录 (dēng lù) login. if you do not have account, you need to register or 注册 (zhù cè) a new account. If you already have an account 账号 (zhàng hào) with Sina Weibo 新浪微博 (xīn làng wēi bó) QQ, or 微信 (wēi xìn) WeChat you can use them to login.


Logging in as a regular user is very convenient, you can now do the following:

  • 1. Follow us (订阅)
  • 2. If you like our podcast, you can leave a review 赞一下 (zàn yī xià) 🙂
  • 3. Share it with others 分享 (fēn xiǎng)
  • 4. Download the podcast and listen anywhere 下载 (xià zǎi)
  • 5. Find the topic and more info of each episode
  • 6. Add it to My Favorites 收藏 (shōu cáng)
  • tutorial3edit

    After you subscribe to our channel, you can easily find us in the home page by clicking 我的 (wǒ de) → 订阅列表 (dìng yuè liè biǎo) or Subscribe List. You can also find the Download List 下载列表 (xià zǎi liè biǎo) on the same page.


    There you have it, a nice and easy tutorial for finding our Two White Chicks podcast, now you can take a listen!

    Don’t forget, now you search for and listen to other podcasts, music and radio plays to help improve your Chinese!

    If you’re also interested in Chinese learning podcasts, check out our friends at ChinesePod. They have cool audio lessons for different levels of Chinese that you can download. Plus they have additional worksheets and tests to make the lesson go even further!