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Scavenger Sunday Episode 12 – 下 (xià)

This is episode 12 of our video series Scavenger Sunday. Join Allen and Nora whilst they teach you about the Chinese character 下 (xià). Learn some new Chinese words and phrases to use everyday!
Thanks to everyone who sent us their 下 (xià) photos and videos!

Here’s the Youku video if you can’t access YouTube.

A: Welcome back to Episode 12 of Scavenger Sunday video!
N: Welcome back everyone to our 节目 program.
A: Yeah last week I remember we introduced to you the 下 (xià) character, which means down or finish if it’s in a verb.
N: Oh yeah that’s right. So how are some ways we can use the 下 (xià) character?
A: I would say ‘我在楼下。’ which means ‘I’m downstairs.’
N: Hey, didn’t you say that last week?
A: No, no…
N: Oh…you said ‘我在楼上’. Which means what?
A: Ohhhhh ‘我在楼上。’ means I’m upstairs, so it’s the opposite meaning.
N: So, you’re coming downstairs now. I have to leave to leave the building.
A: Sometimes I prefer to stay on the first floor of the building…
N: On the ground. So let’s have a look at those 下 videos that you sent us this week.

[Scavenger Sunday video montage]

A: Thanks guys for sending us those 下 photos and videos last week.
N: Nice job! And we’re looking forward to even more videos this week! Don’t be shy!
A: So for next week’s character we want you to take photos and videos of the 十 (shí) character which means 10 in Chinese.
N: Yeah, actually it’s funny when I first came to China I didn’t know how to count in Chinese and I would ask the price of something and the shop keeper would be doing this [makes X with fingers]. And I though it was like ‘Stay away, stay away!’ but really it’s means 十 (shí) because it looks like a cross. So Allen can you show us how to write that character?
A: Yeah, here we go!

[Allen’s Writing] You can download the Chinese Dictionary Mobile App that Allen uses here

N: Thanks Allen, I think I can handle writing that one.
A: You’re welcome. I hope you can learn how to write the 十 (shí) character quickly. Don’t forget to send your 十 (shí) photos and videos to our Facebook page.
N: You can also email us at [email protected].
A: We’re looking forward to seeing your 十 (shí) character photos and videos.
N: That’s right. So have a good week everybody and see you next time! Byeee
A: Bye!