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Scavenger Sunday Episode 2 – 中 (zhōng)

Welcome to Episode 2 of Scavenger Sunday!

This week we ‘scavenged’ for the character 中 and you guys sent us some great videos and pictures.

Watch the video below to see if your video or photo was featured.

If you aren’t able to access the video through YouTube, you can check out the video on Youku instead!



A: Hey everyone, I’m Allen from WrittenChinese.Com. Welcome back to ‘Scavenger Sunday’
N: 我是 Nora! 谢谢你收看我们的节目
A: We hope you’ve found some time to study some Chinese characters.
N: You can do some studying right now by watching our video.
A: That’s right, if you didn’t watch last week’s Scavenger Sunday video, we’ve asked WCC fans to post pictures and videos of another character 中.
N: We got lots of pictures and videos from textbooks and even from people’s homes!
A: Yeah, we’d like to thank everyone who sent us their pictures and videos.
N: So, before we begin, let’s talk a little bit about the character 中.
A: Firstly 中 means ‘center’ or ‘middle’ and is most commonly seen referring to 中国, which is my wonderful country: China! It’s also used in 中文 which is the Written Chinese language.
N: 对!For example 我在学习中文。= I am studying Chinese. It’s also commonly seen in 中心, meaning ‘center’.
A: Yeah, like 培训中心 which means ‘training center’.
N: You can also use it for size, like: 我要中杯咖啡.
A: You want a medium sized coffee? Or tea in my case…
N: That’s right. So, let’s see some more of those 中 characters.
A: Once again we really want to thank everyone who sent us video and photos this week.
N: Yeah, we really want even more this week so get your cameras ready!


A: Pretty good, huh?
N: There were some great examples of 中 there!
A: Don’t forget you can tell us what you think of our video on our site or on our facebook page at
N: Now it’s time to talk about next week’s character.
A: The character we want you to find next week is… 电.
N: You can do the same thing as last week and upload your photos and videos to our Facebook page.
A: We know some of you may have struggled last week, but we really appreciate you guys taking the time to send us those great pictures and videos!
N: If you want more information about the 电 character before next week’s Scavenger Sunday video, you can go to to check out our free online dictionary or you can download our free mobile dictionary. You can go to to find it there. The mobile dictionary has some great example sentences. It has the stroke order showing you how to write the character. It even has radical information showing you which radicals make up each character.
A: If you’re watching this video on WrittenChinese.Com, remember to click on the link in the transcript below.
N: That’s right, so: Thanks for watching episode 2 of ‘Scavenger Sunday’ 下次见
A: 下次见 and remember happy studying!