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Scavenger Sunday Episode 3 电 (diàn)

Check out Episode 3 of Scavenger Sunday featuring 电!

This week Nora and Allen look at the character 电 (diàn). You can also check out the video on Youku!

A: Hi everyone. I’m Allen from WrittenChinese.Com. Welcome back to Episode 3 of Scavenger Sunday!

N: 欢迎大家收看我们的节目,我是 Nora。This week’s Scavenger Sunday we’re talking about the character 电 (diàn)!

A: We can’t believe how many videos and pictures we had this week!

N: Yeah, we got a lot of responses this week so thank you for taking the time to send us your photos and videos.

A: So let’s look at the 电 character…

N: Allen, you’re electric! …If you haven’t guessed already, 电 means electricity or lightening. For example 小心触电 means “Beware of the electricity.”

A: Actually 电 can be found in many bigrams associated with electrical power, for example 电脑, means computer and 电视 is television. I can give you guys one useful 电 sentence to know is 可不可以给我你的电话号码?, which means ‘May I have your phone number?’.

N: 可以!可以!

A: 谢谢

N: So, let’s have a look at all of those 电 (diàn) examples!


[电 clip montage]


A: Wow, they were great!

N: Yup, we saw some great examples there. I hope you learned a little more about the character 电!

A: Thank you guys very much for sending those great pictures and videos!

N: Now it’s time to talk about next week’s character…

A: Next week’s character is…心 (xīn)

N: Oh, that’s a bit more challenging!

A: It is, but we know that you guys can give us some good examples.

N: That’s right. And if you can’t find those examples in your neighbourhood you can upload your photos or videos to of either a picture of the character or you can write in the character yourself and send it in as well.

A: Don’t forget to tell us what you think while you’re there!

N: Yeah if you haven’t already, you can check out our free online dictionary at or you can try our new free Chinese game, you can get it at

A: That’s right. So thanks again for watching this week’s Scavenger Sunday, we hope to see you again next week! Don’t forget to send us your 心 (xīn) examples.

N: 朋友们我们下次见!

A: 下次见!

N: Byeee!