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Scavenger Sunday Episode 7 – 花 (huā)

This is episode 7 of our video series Scavenger Sunday. This week Nora and Allen talk about the 花 (huā) character and get excited about Christmas!

A: Hi everyone, welcome back to Scavenger Sunday!
N: 欢迎大家收看我们的节目
A: Today’s episode is all about the 花 character.
N: Awww Allen – this is for you.

A: Er, thanks.

A: 花 means flower, and can be seen in words like 花瓶 (huā píng) which means vase and 花园 (huā yuán) which means garden.
N: A good use of 花 might be 这朵花很美丽

A: That means This flower is beautiful.
N: If you want to learn more about the ‘grass’ radical that can be seen on the top of the 花 character

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A: Cool. So lets have a look at the 花 videos and pictures we got this week.

A: Nice job everyone.
N: Yeah, thanks guys!
A: So, lets take a look at next week’s character.
N: To get into the Christmas mood, our character is 节 (jié).

A: I’m really excited!
N: No kidding.
A: 节 (jié) means festival. So if you want to say Merry Christmas in Chinese you can say 圣诞节快乐!
N: Nice, so lets practise writing the character. Over to you Allen.
A: Thanks, here we go.

A: Hey guys today I want to show you how to write the 节 (jié) character. Lets go to the board. Actually 节 (jié) has 2 parts: the first one on the top is the grass radical – 草字头 (cǎo zì tóu). The first stroke is a horizontal line from left to right, the next line is a vertical line from top to bottom and this is the same one. And you have finished the grass radical. The second part on the bottom is a long stroke and then you need to curve like this. And the last stroke is a vertical stroke from top to bottom. So, that’s the 节 (jié) on the board. Hope you like it.

N: I’m looking forward to seeing some Christmassy pictures and videos from you this week It would be really nice if you could send us some pictures of you celebrating Christmas in your own homes!
A: Yeah, I’d like to see those too!
N: So, if you want to send us a picture. You can either post on our Facebook page OR if you’re already on you can post in the comments section below!
A: That’s all for this week’s Scavenger Sunday. See you next week. 圣诞节快乐!
N: Merry Christmas, Bye!!!

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