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Scavenger Sunday Episode 8 – 节 (jié)

A festive Scavenger Sunday episode with Nora and Allen. Our Written Chinese duo talk about the character 节 (jié) and introduce next weeks character with a ‘Happy New Year!’

A: Hey everyone, welcome back to Episode 8 of Scavenger Sunday!
N: 欢迎收看我们的节目!We hope everybody had a great Christmas!
A: Yeah, I’m sure you’re all full of Turkey and Christmas pudding and stuffing…Oh I’m so hungry…
N: While Allen has his 5th Christmas dinner, lets talk about our festive character 节 (jié).
A: OK, I’m good. 节 means holiday or festival and can be found in almost every Chinese and Western holiday.
N: For example, for Chinese New Years or Spring Festival you can say 春节 (chūn jié).
A: If you want to say ‘I will celebrate Spring Festival with my friends’ you can say 我会和我的朋友欢度春节。
N: OK, so how do you say ‘I will celebrate New Year with lots of wine?’
A: 过春节的时候,我会喝很多葡萄酒。
N: Hmmm, that’s right. Now that I’ve learn the most important phrase using the character 节, lets see your pictures and videos from this week.

A: Nora, What did you think?
N: 很好啊
A:thanks everyone for sending us your pictures!
N: 对, 谢谢啦!
A: So, let’s take a look at next character!
N: Our next character is 年 (nián)
A: Ok, 年 means year. So when you see your friends on New Year you can say 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè).
N: Oh right ‘Happy New Year!’
A: That’s it.
N: So lets have a look at how to write the character.
A: No problem, here we go.

A: OK guys, this is our WCC Chinese Dictionary you can find it at the Apple app store (and android google play) by searching WCC Chinese Dictionary and download it.
OK, lets open the app and see how to find the 年 character. So if you know the pinyin of the 年 character and you can put that in the search box and search. The 年 character is at the top of our list, tap the first entry 年. There are three sections at the bottom so tap the writing section so you can see the stroke animation for the 年 character. It will automatically play the first time, but if you want to see it more and more times you can tap it once again. That’s it, this can easily show you how to write the 年 character. Thank you

N: Thanks Allen, and thanks everyone for all your great pictures and videos and we hope you continue to study with us in 2015.
A: If you want to post us your 年 character examples, you can post your pictures and videos on our facebook page
N: Thats right, and If you want to learn more holiday words about Christmas and New Year, you can visit our blog at to check out our recently article.
A: We know you’re probably relaxing over the holidays, so instead of studying hard, why not play our Chinese Match Game?
You can check it out at
N: That’s right Happy New Year Everybody!
A: 新年快乐!