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Scavenger Sunday Episode 9 年 (nián)

Happy New Year Everyone, hope you enjoy episode 9 of Scavenger Sunday. This week we’re looking at 年 which means year.
Nora talks about how she intends to improve her written Chinese this year by taking Chinese calligraphy classes!

You can also watch the video on Youku by clicking here!

A: 大家好新年快乐!
N: Happy New Year! Welcome to the first Scavenger Sunday episode of 2015! Allen, did you make any resolutions?
A: Yeah, I want to stop biting my nails bite nails, I want to drink less drinks wine with a straw and quit smoking.
N: Looks like that’s going well…
A: In Chinese we sometimes say 一刀两断 (yī dāo liǎng duàn) which means ‘clean break’ just like making a resolution. The literal translation is to use one knife (一刀) to cut 2 parts (两断).
N:Lets talk about this week’s character: 年
A: As you probably know by now, 年 means year. For example, 今年我想去欧洲流行。 Which means ‘This year I want to go to Europe to travel.’
N:Hmm, and I can say: 今年我希望学习很多汉字!
A: Wow, really?
N: Yup. I use the free mobile dictionary app by WCC to learn how to write the characters too.
A: Really impressive.
N: Thanks…
A: So, lets have a look at the 年 pictures and videos sent to us this week!


N: What a great way to begin this year!
A: Which reminds me, did you start something new this year?
N: Yes, this year I play to start learning Chinese 书法 (shū fǎ) or calligraphy.
A: How’s it going?
N: If you want to find out you’re going to have to read this weeks blog post….
A: Alright, if you want to follow Nora’s New Year Calligraphy Journey go to
N: So, next week’s character..?
A: We should begin the year as we mean to go on, so I think 工 would be a good character.
N: Oh yeah, 工 meaning work or skill. Can you show us how to use the dictionary app to learning how to write the character?
A: Sure, here we go…

[Allen demos writing character]

A: So, if you want to post a video or photo of the 工 character, leave it on our facebook wall at
N: Yep, or you can drop us an email at [email protected]. We want to thank everyone who helped our Written Chinese community grow in 2014 and we hope you continue your Chinese learning journey with us in 2015! This year we hope to hit a quarter of a million fans!
A: That’s right, And don’t forgot, all work and no play makes Nora a dull girl so go to where you can download the Chinese Match game and have some fun!
N: Happy New Year Everyone! See you next time!
A: 新年快乐,下次见!

Thank you to the Confucius Institute (Instituto Confucio de la Universitat de València) for the use of their New Year 2015 image!

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