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Scavenger Sunday Episode 1 – 人 (rén)

Here’s our NEW video blog series ‘Scavenger Sunday’

If you’re in China, or don’t have a VPN, you can still check out the video on Youku!

Episode 1 takes The WrittenChinese.Com Team on a hunt for 人 (rén)!

When you’ve finished watching, we want you to go out into your neighbourhood and take photos or video of the 中 character and post them on our Facebook page!



Allen: Hi everyone! I’m Allen from Shenzhen, China!
Nora: 大家好。我是Nora, 来自美国。What…? haha
Allen: Today we want to introduce you to ‘Scavenger Sunday’
Nora: Basically the idea is: we’re going to take one character each week. This week we chose 人 to get you started. We want you to find this character in your neighbourhood. It could be at your favourite Chinese restaurant, or on the metro, or even at home.
A: Once you have found this character, we want you to take a picture or video and post it on our Facebook page at
N: Each week we’ll take all of the best videos and put them together for the next week’s video.
A: We know lots of you don’t live in China and this character might be more difficult for you to find. So we’re pretty excited to see what you can come up with!
N: Basically, the more creative you are, the more likely you’ll be featured in next week’s video. So, as I mentioned before, this week we chose 人 to get started, so we at WrittenChinese.Com went around Shenzhen to find a bunch of those 人’s, and here’s what we found:

[人 montage]

A: So, what did you think? You can leave us comments on our facebook page or on our video blog page at Now it’s your turn! Next week’s character is 中 (zhōng).
N: All you need to do to be featured in next week’s video is to upload a photo or video to of the character 中.
A: Don’t forget to checkout our apps for learning Chinese characters on our site at
N: And if you haven’t already you can like us on Facebook, follow us on google+ or drop us a tweet.
A: So, from WrittenChinese.Com: thanks very for watching our video blog for ‘Scavenger Sunday’. See you next week and happy studying!
N: 好好学习 天天向上。
A: Hey! How do you know that?!
N: hahaha!