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‘Snowy’ Mooncake Recipe

This is a great recipe that Chamcen found on a popular Chinese food site. You can see the original recipe in Chinese for those of you who want a challenge!

‘Snowy’ Mooncake with a Creamy Custard filling

There are two parts to this recipe: 1) Making the custard filling and 2) Making the mooncake dough


 Custard Filling

Mooncake dough

You will also need a steamer or a rice cooker and a mooncake mould. We’ve found 2 products that you can use, one for those of you in China, and the other from Amazon. These will probably just give you an idea of what you need so you can find what you need 🙂

Taobao Moon Cake Mould

Amazon Moon Cake Mould

How to make the Creamy Custard filling:

    1. 1) Take the butter out of the fridge and leave till room temperature. When it has become softer, cream it with sugar, mixing it in the same direction, till smooth.

Mooncake Dough Method:

    1. 1) Mix all the flours and granulated sugar together, add the milk, and whisk until smooth.

There are images to go with the recipe on the original page here.

If you try out this recipe let us know how it goes! Leave us any questions, comments and pictures below!