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Ten Chinese Internet Chat Words

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Posted by Allen (郑伟杰 Weijie Zheng) from WrittenChinese.Com

Chinese on the internet can sometimes differ from everyday speech. Here are some abbreviations which are commonly used when Chinese people message on the internet. Each of these abbreviations allows the user to input a few letters to express their meaning quickly and easily. Enjoy!

1. “MM”:     妹妹(mèi mei)= younger sister  OR    美媚(měi méi)= beautiful lady (this meaning is more common)

                   Example: 你认识那个MM吗 (nǐ rènshi nàgè MM ma)?= Do you know that beautiful lady?

2. “DD”:      弟弟(dì di)= younger brother (also can refer to *ahem* male anatomy)

3. “GG”:      哥哥 (gēge) = older brother

                 Example: GG今天不在家 (GG jīntiān bù zàijiā). = My older brother is not at home today.

4. “JJ”:        姐姐 (jiě jie) = older sister

5. “BS”:       鄙视(bǐ shì)= to be despised or looked down upon

                Example: 你这样做会被人BS的 (nǐ zhèyàng zuò huì bèi rén BS de). = If you act in this manner, people will despise you.

6. “BT”:      变态(biàn tài)= abnormal or crazy

                Example: 你真的很BT (nǐ zhēn de hěn BT)。= You are really crazy.

7. “SB”:       傻逼 (shǎ bī) = idiot

                 Example: 不要像个SB一样 (bùyào xiàng gè SB yīyàng)。= Don’t act like an idiot.

8. “PL”:       漂亮(piào liang)= pretty or beautiful.

                 Example: 他的女朋友很PL (tā de nǚ péngyǒu hěn PL)。= His girlfriend is very pretty.

9. “YY”:      意淫(yì yín)= to fantasize
                  Example: 不要整天YY了 (bùyào zhěng tiān YY le)。= Do not fantasize all of the time.

10. “ORZ”: These 3 letters together look like a person kneeling down (Z), supporting the floor with their arms (R), with their face towards the ground (O). You use this to respond to your friends when you feel disappointed or depressed about what they have said or what they have done.

Next time when you chat with your Chinese friends you can try to use DD, JJ, BS, YY, etc. Hope you don’t feel ORZ!

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