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TWCC05 – Are Chinese Men Boyfriend Material? – Episode 5

Welcome back to episode five of Two White Chicks in China with Hollie and Nora!

This week our question comes from Anna in Michigan who likes ‘exotic men’ and asks us “Have you ever dated a Chinese man?”

In This Episode We Talk About…


  • Our discovery of a reptilian looking fruit – the sugar apple.
  • The birthday of the Father of Pinyin, Zhou Youguang.
  • Discussing marriage on a first date…
  • Dating guys who don’t speak English.
  • Misunderstanding body language.
  • Spinsters and Bachelors: 28 and still not married yet.
  • Parental pressure
  • Nora’s singular date…with Yip (it’s good, don’t miss it!).
  • Professional photos to impress your dates.
  • Foreign men and Chinese women
  • Not wanting to date a man you can possibly beat in an arm wrestle.
  • Marrying into a Chinese family.
  • The Chinese word for Play Boy– 花花公子 (huā huā gōng zǐ)
  • Send us a voicemail!


People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

Episode Length 27:54

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Wednesday for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
If you want to ask us a question you can Send us a Voicemail!

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Facebook Comments

  • Laura

    My first experience with a Chinese guy was similar to your experiences – a disaster that involved visiting mother as part of the date! Ugh.
    Then I met a different Chinese guy in a chinese airport. We became friends (I figured if nothing else he could help me with my chinese) and things went from there. He’s actually pretty western in his thinking and I think because we were friends first, he knows there’s no need for bizarre pictures etc.
    I guess not all Chinese men are bizarre tighty whitey picture showing men. Just like not every western man is a football loving beer swilling manly man.

    • Hollie Sowden

      You’re absolutely right! I’m glad you found a good one Laura!

  • Ian Shreds

    First time I have listened to this episode. Quite funny and enlightening.

    • Nora Joy Wilson

      Thanks, Ian! We’d love it if you send us a question, haha. We are gaining a steadily growing following but it’s still so difficult to get people to send us there questions about life in China for us. 😛

      • Ian Shreds

        Probably because podcasts are “self contained” little episodes and people listen but don’t feel the need to question what you have ssid.

    • Hollie Sowden

      Cheers, Ian!
      And I second Nora’s hint to send us a question 😀

      • Ian Shreds

        I have heard that the justice system is a little different in Shenzen to that which Westerners might be used to?

        For instance the option of a victim to take “instant” monetary compensation ?

        I guess you guys may not have experienced this, but just wondered what your views are.

  • Foreign Devil

    Chinese women also will pressure you to marry after just a few dates.

    • Nora Joy Wilson

      Thanks for sharing your experience! It may sound harsh, but there are obvious patterns that we have seen our Western friends get sucked into time and time again. I think if both parties understand the cultural differences then it can go a long way. There are, of course, many wonderful qualities about Chinese men and women. But if you’re going in blind with stars in your eyes, then you’ll learn the hard way! 😛

    • Hollie Sowden

      Sadly, I think what you’re saying is pretty true. I had to laugh at your ‘overwhelming dragon lady’ comment!