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TWCC05 – Are Chinese Men Boyfriend Material? – Episode 5

Welcome back to episode five of Two White Chicks in China with Hollie and Nora!

This week our question comes from Anna in Michigan who likes ‘exotic men’ and asks us “Have you ever dated a Chinese man?”

In This Episode We Talk About…


  • Our discovery of a reptilian looking fruit – the sugar apple.
  • The birthday of the Father of Pinyin, Zhou Youguang.
  • Discussing marriage on a first date…
  • Dating guys who don’t speak English.
  • Misunderstanding body language.
  • Spinsters and Bachelors: 28 and still not married yet.
  • Parental pressure
  • Nora’s singular date…with Yip (it’s good, don’t miss it!).
  • Professional photos to impress your dates.
  • Foreign men and Chinese women
  • Not wanting to date a man you can possibly beat in an arm wrestle.
  • Marrying into a Chinese family.
  • The Chinese word for Play Boy– 花花公子 (huā huā gōng zǐ)
  • Send us a voicemail!


People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

Episode Length 27:54

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Wednesday for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
If you want to ask us a question you can Send us a Voicemail!

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