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TWCC12 – Double trouble! Are twins illegal in China?, Episode 12

Hey everyone, this is the Two White Chicks in China. Join Hollie and Nora for Episode 12!

Our question this week comes from Rebecca in the UK, and her question is “With the 1 child policy in China, what happens if a couple has twins, triplets, or more?”


In This Episode We Talk About…

  • The three men who took part in the Kunming train attacks. Dark.
  • Our question from Rebecca Lavender (Nora loves your name!)
  • History of the ‘One Child Policy’.
  • Massive decline in infant mortality and increase in life expectancy.
  • Mathematicians discovered the magic population number!
  • One Child Policy introduced!
  • You can read this articles about China’s One Child Policy and labour shortages to possibly end the policy.
  • The big 4-2-1 problem.
  • Going abroad to have a baby.
  • USA birth tourism – you can read more here!
  • Cost of having a baby in the USA.
  • Wealthy + Middle class = American citizenship.
  • Unable to assimilate with US culture.
  • Mafias, passport ‘passing’ and strong genes.
  • Family Planning Policy Fine.
  • Increase in twins since 2006. Here’s some info on IVF in China.
  • Boys over girls (33 million more men in China than women).
  • Human Trafficking.
  • Little Emperor Syndrome.
  • Flexibility and loopholes in the One Child Policy.
  • Our Chinese phrase of the week is ‘to be born’ – 出生 (chū shēng)
  • Send us a voicemail!
  • People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

    Episode Length 37:44

    Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Wednesday for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
    If you want to ask us a question you can Send us a Voicemail!

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    Thanks for listening guys!
    – Hollie & Nora