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TWCC14 – Locked up in China: Trials, Penalties and Justice in the Middle Kingdom, Episode 14

Hey everyone, this is episode 14 of Two White Chicks in China!

Here’s our question from Ian Shreds from the UK, and he asks “I have heard that the justice system is a little different in Shenzhen to that which Westerners might be used to? For instance the option of a victim to take “instant” monetary compensation? I guess you guys may not have experienced this, but just wondered what your views are.”


In This Episode We Talk About…

  • Guy with 17 girlfriends get caught out!
  • WeChat con-artists.
  • The reason for Nora’s sexy voice.
  • Our question from Ian.
  • What instant monetary compensation is.
  • Minor car accidents.
  • e-bikes and scooters.
  • Justice system changing.
  • Lawyers and lack of concrete information.
  • Murky legal system.
  • Foreign stories of being in Chinese prisons.
  • Inside a Chinese Prison: An American’s Perspective
  • The View From Inside China’s Brutal Prison System
  • Chinese Court System.
  • Juvenile system for youth crime.
  • Capital punishment in China.
  • Protecting societies faith in themselves.
  • Milk powder trial and execution.
  • Trust in the government and strive for change.
  • Wrongly executed and proven innocent.
  • Our Chinese word of the week is ‘lawyer’ – 律师 (lǜ shī)
  • Send us a voicemail!
  • The word is definitely ‘judiciary’ system not any other ridiculous word that was mentioned in our podcast!
  • People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

    Episode Length 39:35

    Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Wednesday for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
    If you want to ask us a question you can Send us a Voicemail!

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    Thanks for listening guys!
    – Hollie & Nora