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TWCC16 – Huge Beats and Glow Sticks: Why is Clubbing So Big in China?, Episode 16

This is episode 16 of Two White Chicks in China with Hollie and Nora!

We had an email question from Ian in the UK and he asks “Why do you think the clubbing scene in China is so massive?”

In This Episode We Talk About…

  • A guy buys (part of) a BMW 7 Series with 100kg of change.
  • Our question from Ian.
  • (A bit of) Debauchery in China with Sir Edmund Trelawny Backhouse. Watch the short video below:
  • Flashing the cash and impressing friends.
  • Drink driving and breathalyzing. Check out episode 11
  • if you’re interested in cars in China. dice

  • Extravagant culture.
  • Buying bottles and table.
  • Runways and Burlesque.
  • Steam-punk themed clubs.
  • Nora’s instructions for playing dice.
  • Underground raves and DJs.
  • Club culture and no tipping.
  • Dancing guys, are they gay?.
  • Lack of gender taboos.
  • hand signals for dice

  • Packed in like sardines.
  • No closing time and 24 hr hotpot!
  • Nora’s free drink trick.
  • Drinking green tea and whiskey.
  • Money is massive and the scene is becoming more extravagant.
  • Roof top bars.
  • Our Chinese word of the week is ‘bar’ – 酒吧 (jiǔ bā)
  • If you have a question for us, please send us a voicemail or leave us a message below!
  • People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

    Episode Length 39:38

    Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Wednesday for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
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    Thanks for listening guys!
    – Hollie & Nora