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TWCC28 – How do Chinese Girls have such Perfect Skin?, Episode 28

Welcome back to Two White Chicks in China with Hollie and Nora!

This week we have another question from Boyka who’s originally from Bulgaria and now lives in Shenzhen, who asked us “What special beauty regiments and tricks do Chinese women follow to look frustratingly attractive?”

In This Episode We Talk About…

  • Comments from everyone! Thanks so much!
  • 4 students buy billboard space to share their love of favorite boyband!
  • Our question from Boyka!
  • White skin and bleaching.
  • Spots, white-ness and firmness are the three main things Chinese women worry about.
  • Few women wear make up.
  • Chinese women worry about ‘aging’ at the age of 33!.
  • Facial ‘slapping’ and exercises.
  • They drink a lot of green tea.
  • DIY beauty tips.
  • Face mask frenzy and snail juice
  • Placenta moisturizer.
  • Habit and diet.
  • Water sprays after a nap.
  • Our plans to do a 7 day Chinese beauty challenge.
  • Cleansing oils.
  • Nora’s Lush obsession
  • Protection from the skin.
  • Facials and massages.
  • Face brushes and tools.
  • Pig hair brushes.
  • Body brushing.
  • No spicy food and plenty of sleep.
  • How to make rice water toner and mask!
  • Our Chinese word of the week is skin – 皮肤 (pí fū)
  • If you have a question for us, please send us a voicemail or leave us a message below!
  • People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

    Episode Length 01:07:06

    Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Thursday for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
    If you want to ask us a question you can Send us a Voicemail!

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    Thanks for listening guys!
    – Hollie & Nora