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TWCC32 – Which Chinese Movies Should You Get Your Hands On?, Episode 32

We’re back for another episode of Two White Chicks in China!

This week our question comes from Seph McKenna in Australia, who asks us ‘What kind of movies do you watch in China?’

In This Episode We Talk About…


  • A man from Jiangsu thinks he’s invisible and tries to rob a cashier
  • Nora tells us about 4 Chinese movies we should watch:
  • A Touch of Sin by Jia Zhangke: Get wrapped up in 4 different shockingly realistic modern-day stories set across China. (A Touch of Sin was actually banned in China, but you should still give it a watch since it’s a different insight on Chinese culture.)

  • Just Another Pandora’s Box (Once Upon a Chinese Classic) by Jeffrey Lau: Travel back in time and get ridiculous with this spoofy, Monty Python-esk comedy

  • Hero by Zhang Yimou: Hold your breath in awe of the beauty and grace of this martial art film, starring Jet Li, set in ancient China.

  • Shower by Zhang Yang: Quirky and original, this film is worth a watch and certainly off the beaten path for Chinese films.

  • We talk about our experiences at a Chinese cinema
  • Nora’s sadness about the ‘wrong’ popcorn.
  • Our Chinese word of the week is ‘电影‘ (diàn yǐng) which means ‘movie’.
  • If you have a question for us, please send us a voicemail or leave us a message below!

People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

Episode Length 52:23

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Thursday for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
If you want to ask us a question you can Send us a Voicemail!

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Thanks for listening guys!
– Hollie & Nora

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