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TWCC35 – All You White People Look The Same, and Other Misconceptions About Westerners, Episode 35

We’re back for another episode of Two White Chicks in China!

Our question this week comes from Al who’s currently working in Bangkok. He asks us ‘Do you think that it’s difficult to get a job in China for native speakers who look Asian?’

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In This Episode We Talk About…

  • Nora’s mom leaves us a comment!
  • Our fact of the week is that a tourist tries to board a flight with a 9cm knife in her hair!
  • Our question from Al
  • English speakers who look Asian in China.
  • We’re all fat, and we should know it.
  • All slim blondes are Russian.
  • We make lots of $$.
  • We don’t take care of ourselves properly.
  • We’re all English teachers.
  • We all go home at the holidays.
  • We don’t speak Chinese.
  • We all drink gallons of coffee.
  • Our Chinese words of the week are ‘不对‘ (bú duì) which means ‘that’s not right!’.
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  • People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

    Episode Length 46:58

    Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Thursday for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
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    Thanks for listening guys!
    – Hollie & Nora

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