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TWCC53 – Getting Romantic in China, Episode53

We’re back for another episode of Two White Chicks in China!

This week our question comes from Stephanie in Pennsylvania, who asks us “What romantic things are there to do in China?”

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In This Episode We Talk About…

  • Comments and Reviews. Cheers!
  • Dude sprawls naked across street, pretends like he was hit by woman driving Mercedes-Benz
  • Stephanie’s question.
  • Some only-in-China romance.
  • What ‘romance’ is in China.
  • Some westen-type romance
  • What romance is not in China.
  • Our Chinese words of the week are ‘romantic’: 浪漫 (làng màn) and ‘520‘ (I love you), learn more Chinese words on our Online Dictionary.
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  • People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

    Episode Length 42:21

    Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for our next topic and another question from one of our listeners!
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    Thanks for listening, guys!
    – Hollie & Nora

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    • Chinabob

      You two ladies spend too much time in the office! There are restaurants around in different cities that cater especially to couples. Not many but they are there. I’ve seen or been to ones in Macao, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Chongqing & Beijing. It’s just that there are sooooo many restaurants in Chinese cities that they are probably invisible unless you are actually actively seeking that particular type and are asking the right people.
      Romantic beach walks can be had in many places in China like Sanya but also up outside Beijing in Qinghuangdao, Beidaihe Beach with boardwalk paths to explore. In Zhuhai there is a nice waterside path near Lovers Road (which in itself is not particularly special just a nice name).
      I personally think walking along the Bund in Shanghai can be quite romantic. And as you said China is full of beautiful parks. You can often see couples in them strolling around.

      • Hollie Sowden

        *sigh* We are busy bees, although my fiance set a ‘date night’ for us a while back. These days, romance is Saturday night Mao Cai and beers. haha! Yeah, I’m not so sure if the Everest Base camp is conducive to romance either 😀

        • Chinabob

          Hope you find a good spot for those Saturday nights! My wife and I do the typical after dinner Chinese strolls holding hands walking through the park that is on the grounds of our complex.

          • Nora Joy Wilson

            I love that <3

          • Hollie Sowden

            That’s really nice 🙂 Maybe there will be more time for romance after we’ve tied the knot! We do too much tv watching/ being couch potatoes after work atm for sure.

      • Nora Joy Wilson

        Haha, you’re probably right. Still, I’ve had quite a few not-so-romantic experiences in some of the places you’ve mentioned. I found that Sanya beaches (at least the ones off of the expensive resorts) have SO much trash and naked men reading newspapers. I would definitely say there is romance to be found in Macau, but that’s not really China imo. As far as the parks go, you’re right, they can be good for a romantic stroll but you might get accosted by bugs or loud, off-pitch saxophone playing. I think personally I have a hard time feeling the romance when there is so little privacy. Hard to get in the mood with an audience. 😛

        • Chinabob

          Yeah its been a quite a few years since I visited Sanya, sounds like it’s changed a lot and not for the better. The resort beaches are always nice and the way I understand it, the resort does not have restricted access to that stretch of beach in front of them so in theory it is open to the public… The bugs down south can be a problem but some of the northern parks are quite nice. Saxophone or old people singing (or trying to) opera that sounds more like a cat being strangled, is though sometimes unavoidable 🙁 But no matter what, privacy is not easy in China.