A Chinese Prediction about the 2014 World Cup

Posted by Allen from WrittenChinese.Com I want to share with you a very funny prediction about the 2014 World Cup that has been passing around Weibo (微博):   这次世界杯,意大离了,西班哑了、英格烂了、乌拉归了……(Zhè cì shìjièbēi, yì dà líle, xī bān yǎle, yīng gé lànle, wūlā guīle)   Translation: During this world cup,   意大离了 (yì dà lí le) = “Italy… Read More

My 10 Favorite Places in Shenzhen 深圳

Posted by Bethany from WrittenChinese.Com Many people consider Shenzhen (深圳) an unusual city because it was established less than 40 years ago.  With most of the 15 million residents coming from other areas of China, the city has an interesting blend of Chinese culture. Things change here all of the time and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening, but… Read More