3D-Printed Houses? No way!

Posted by Bethany from WrittenChinese.Com Recently in the news there has been a lot of buzz about 3D-printed houses in China. Using this technology, one Chinese company was able to “print” ten houses in just twenty-four hours! Here are some Chinese words related to 3D printers and construction:  1. 打印机 (dǎ yìn jī) = printer Example: 我拿我的打印机去修了…. Read More

“Miss Puff’s Hourglass” Video

It will only take [est_time] to read this post! As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, using different resources such as video and audio, can really help your Chinese learning. This video is probably for the more advanced learner, but give it a try, you might be surprised! The last video we posted in our… Read More