I’m at Xiangmihu 香蜜湖: Learning from Metro Stops

It will only take [est_time] to read this post! Posted by Bethany from WrittenChinese.Com Added to by Hollie (July 2015) When I first moved to China, one of the most frustrating things was not being able to read anything. With learning Chinese, unless you know the proper stroke order or have a special character recognizer… Read More

Radicals Are Your Friend

It will only take [est_time] to read this post! Here is another one of Bethany’s great posts which is perfect for those of you new to the Chinese language. If you’ve been studying spoken Chinese for a while and now want to learn to read and write Chinese characters, you’ll definitely want to get to… Read More

The Price of Eggs in China

Posted by Bethany from WrittenChinese.Com This week at WrittenChinese.com we have been studying Rank  #60 全国  (quánguó), meaning “across the entire country” or “nationwide”. In search of something interesting including 全国, we found this: The Price of Eggs Across China: 2013年9月27日全国鸡蛋价格行情 (2013 nián 9 yuè 27 rì quánguó jīdàn jiàgé hángqíng) Not that anyone cares about the price… Read More