How to use the Chinese Interjection 嗯

Written by Liz老师 from GoEast Mandarin. What are Chinese Interjections? You may have heard Chinese people talking on the phone. Interjections are often used during a call, with different tones of voice to imply different meanings. Interjections play a vital role in Chinese. Usually, an interjection is a word that expresses an exclamation, call someone, or… Read More

How to Use the Chinese Interjection 哎

Written by Vivian老师 from GoEast Mandarin. In Chinese, some words don’t mean anything on their own yet express certain emotions, such as exclamation, calling for attention, or responding. These words include 唉 (ai), 啊 (a), 哼 (heng), 哦 (o), and 哎 (ai). Such words are called interjections. These words simulate people’s emotional voice. Despite not having… Read More