Here’s What the Written Chinese Elves Have Been Up To November 28 – December 3

We’ve corrected another few issues in our Written Chinese Dictionary app for iOS in our newest v.2.3.2 update.  V2.3.2 Update Fixed small bugs Other Updates We’ve fixed the audio for some ‘silent speakers’ in the online Dictionary   If your suggestion doesn’t appear in this version of the dictionary, don’t worry! We’ll be updating again soon! If… Read More

Let’s Get Abstract With Chinese Ideograms

It will only take to read this post! If you don’t have time to read this article now, don’t worry! You can download Let’s Get Abstract With Chinese Ideograms PDF and read it later! Simple Chinese Ideograms or Ideographs were the second type of character that were developed after pictographs. Pictographs are characters that look very… Read More