And, Or and But: Chinese Conjunctions Part 1

Conjunctions are words that connect phrases and clauses together to form a sentence. In English, some examples of conjunction words are ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘if’ and ‘because’. These words are very similar within the Chinese language, but often follow specific rules and patterns for them to make sense. Below is the first half of our lesson… Read More

You & Me. This & That: Pronouns in Chinese

Personal Pronouns in Chinese 人称代词 (rén chēng dài cí) One of the first words you probably need to learn is ‘I’ 我 (wǒ). Although in Chinese, you can often get away with missing off the 我 (wǒ) ‘I’ in spoken Chinese, it is important to use it within written Chinese. The word for ‘you’ is 你 (nǐ) and can also… Read More