Scavenger Sunday Episode 8 – 节 (jié)

A festive Scavenger Sunday episode with Nora and Allen. Our Written Chinese duo talk about the character 节 (jié) and introduce next weeks character with a ‘Happy New Year!’ A: Hey everyone, welcome back to Episode 8 of Scavenger Sunday! N: 欢迎收看我们的节目!We hope everybody had a great Christmas! A: Yeah, I’m sure you’re all full… Read More

How is Christmas Celebrated in China?

It will only take to read this post! Christmas in China This time of year often makes me realize what an amazing city I live in. Shenzhen, China might already be wearing her LBD (Little Black Dress) but she’s accessorized with some bling-bling! Shops, hotels and restaurants have all donned their best boas, rings and… Read More