Mei Lan Fang: The King of Peking Opera

Image Source The introduction of dance into Chinese opera at the beginning of the last century massively changed how the Chinese people experienced opera. Previously, it was only listened to, but now strong aesthetic standards were being established and allowed people to express and experience the beauty of Opera in a different way. The person… Read More

Neolithic China And The Beginnings Of Chinese Civilization

What is ‘Chinese civilization’ 华夏文明 (huá xià wén míng)? Chinese civilization 华夏文明 (huá xià wén míng) begins, according to records, with the creation of the Xia dynasty 夏朝 (xià cháo) in 2070 BC. Although the Xia dynasty was the first ‘civilization’ in China, there were people who lived on the land well before Yu the Great… Read More