10 Chinese Superfoods That Will Help Balance Your Qi

In China, there is an old saying: 药补不如食补 (yào bǔ bù rúshí bǔ) ‘the benefits of medicine as not as good as nutrition.’ Consuming an appropriate amount of certain foods is often found to have health benefits and this is strongly connected with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Whilst the word ‘superfood’ seems contemporary and faddy, food… Read More

Let’s Get Abstract With Chinese Ideograms

Simple Chinese Ideograms or Ideographs were the second type of character that were developed after pictographs. Pictographs are characters that look very similar to the word they describe, such as 口 ‘mouth’ and 手 ‘hand’. Ideograms, on the other hand are known as 指事 (zhǐ shì) or ‘indirect characters’ and are often symbolic characters depicting abstract concepts…. Read More

How to Handwrite Chinese Characters with Finesse

When we first start handwriting Chinese characters, we’re often unprepared and lack the knowledge to know how to begin. It’s difficult to comprehend if English or other Germanic language is your native tongue, the subtle nuances of strokes in a Chinese character. When we learn to write English, there are only 26 letters to learn,… Read More