The Complete Guide to Chinese Sentence Particles

This is our second article that looks at Chinese sentence particles. We will discuss structural, aspect and some other particles that do not fit into a specific category. If you want to learn about modal particles, then take a look at our first article, The Complete Guide to Chinese Modal Particles. Structural particles 结构助词 (jié gòu zhù cí):… Read More

The Complete Guide to Chinese Modal Particles

Chinese Modal Particles Modal particle (yǔ qì zhù cí) 语气助词 are used in the Chinese language to express a certain ‘mood’. Modal Particles are always used at either the end of a sentence or during a pause in the middle of a sentence. In this article we will look at the following six modal particles: 啊 (a) 吗 (ma) 呢 (ne) 吧 (ba) 了 (le)… Read More