Common Chinese Characters You’ll Definitely Find in Chinatown

Chinatown is a great way to begin looking for Chinese characters in your home country. You’ll find useful characters or bigrams (2-character combinations) repeated frequently, which is handy if you’re a beginner studying Written Chinese! Most of these common Chinese symbols are found as traditional Chinese characters, but it’s often helpful to look at the… Read More

The Fascinating Conventions of Peking Opera

Chinese opera 中国戏剧 (zhōng guó xì jù) has existed for hundreds of years, and has its own conventions and individual style. Whilst there are various different types of Chinese opera, in the modern-day, Beijing or Peking Opera is the most common type of opera and is said to be an amalgamation of the different opera… Read More

Here’s What the Written Chinese Elves Have Been Up To November 28 – December 3

We’ve corrected another few issues in our Written Chinese Dictionary app for iOS in our newest v.2.3.2 update.  V2.3.2 Update Fixed small bugs Other Updates We’ve fixed the audio for some ‘silent speakers’ in the online Dictionary   If your suggestion doesn’t appear in this version of the dictionary, don’t worry! We’ll be updating again soon! If… Read More