Chinese Character Stories

It will only take to read this post! Don’t worry if you don’t have time to read the post now, you can click here to download Chinese Character Stories PDF and read it later! Written by Anna of ZKW Translations To better understand Chinese characters, we can trace them back to their source in 小篆 (Xiǎozhuàn)… Read More

Scavenger Sunday Episode 3 电 (diàn)

Check out Episode 3 of Scavenger Sunday featuring 电! This week Nora and Allen look at the character 电 (diàn). You can also check out the video on Youku! A: Hi everyone. I’m Allen from WrittenChinese.Com. Welcome back to Episode 3 of Scavenger Sunday! N: 欢迎大家收看我们的节目,我是 Nora。This week’s Scavenger Sunday we’re talking about the character 电… Read More